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Our Story


Tracey & Matt

Our passion for flowers began to bloom back in 2011. We planted as many flowers as we possibly could for our July wedding, and were fairly successful at it!  By the time of our wedding, we realized just how much we enjoyed the challenge and fun of growing our own flowers. Since then, we have continued to expand our floral offerings by growing new varieties each year.

In late 2015, we decided to take the plunge and purchased a small farm nestled on 2 acres in Midland, Ohio.  Tracey quickly began pursuing her dream of flower farming full-time.

In addition to growing our own flowers, we also do our own arranging, making us farmer-florists! Having the flowers next to our workshop means we have access to them at their peak of beauty, also allowing a longer vase life, and the satisfaction that can only be found from using a local product.

We thank you for visiting our site and hope that you enjoy taking a look into our farm life and the pictures from some of the weddings we have done.     


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