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Botanicals by the Bucket

bulk buckets for flower bars & events

Do you ever wish you could just order a bunch of flowers to be creative with? Or maybe you have a party on the horizon and would like some flowers to fill the table, but need more than a few bouquets? We may have the right option for you!

In addition to our bouquets and event services we offer Botanicals by the Bucket, which allows you to order stems in bulk. Bulk bucket flowers are great for small parties and events or other special occasions that require something in between a single bouquet of flowers and a full-service florist. They’re even great for DIY weddings on a small budget!

We’ve seen a variety of occasions for which our flowers have been used:

  • Setting up a flower bar at baby or bridal showers and ladies’ nights

  • Filling bud vases or mason jars and scattering them at business and graduation parties

  • DIY bridal and bridesmaids bouquets (this could be a fun activity for bachelorette parties or rehearsal dinners!) 

  • DIY Posey bouquets/boutonnieres for high school homecomings and proms

  • Gifting a bucket as an anniversary gift in the same color palette as the wedding

Maybe your PTO gala or students' spring dances needs some florals. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to Botanicals by the Bucket!

There are two kinds of buckets, each coming in two different sizes. Here are the basics:

Premium Buckets

Premium Buckets are available April-October, and allow you to choose the color palette you’re looking for as long we are able to accommodate. It’s helpful if you give us two or more colors and are open to a little bit of variety. For example, requesting “shades of pinks and purples” or “white & blush” allows us to pick the best blooms for your buckets. If there is a specific flower you’re looking for, you can request this here as well with adequate notice. 

Grower’s Choice

Grower’s Choice Buckets are available July-October and leave both blooms and colors up to us. This is a perfect option for those who just want color and beautiful flowers without a need for specifics. 

How to Order

Both choices can be ordered with a 50 stem count or 100 stem count and will include both focal and filler flowers, as well as a little bit of greenery. Because we grow flowers seasonally, available flowers may vary from year to year. Buckets will generally include a mix of at least 5 different types of flowers (1-3 types of focal, 2-3 filler, and 1-3 types of greenery). This can also vary depending on how early or late in the season you are ordering your flowers.

If these flower buckets seem like a fun option for you, you can click the buttons below to order, or read more in our guide. The guide dives deep into on what types of flowers to expect each month, how to order, how to pick up, and how many stems you might need to make your own bouquets or budvases. We even have a bucket calculator in the description in the shop to help estimate how many buckets to order. In the meantime, let us know if you have any questions! You can email us at or message us on Instagram @traceyrae_farmerflorist!

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