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How to Make a Seed Bomb

What you’ll need:

Air-dry clay

Wildflower seeds

compost/soil (optional)

Dried Flowers for extra flair

Seed bombs are a fun way to scatter seeds around your home. In the past, they were popular in cities where there wasn’t a lot of green. Seed bombs would be dispersed into nooks and crannies in the concrete and dreary cities to inspire bright life and nature. 

A variety of seeds can be used in seed bombs, but wildflowers are a great option because they are much more adept in putting down roots in the toughest of places than some of the other pickier types of flowers. Making seed bombs is simple, fun, and a great excuse to get some friends together.  

Step 1

The bulk of the bomb is made up of clay. We like to use Crayola’s Air-Dry clay. It’s easy to mold and dries fully in about 72 hours. Press the clay into a shallow bowl shape. 

Step 2

Sprinkle a pinch of seeds into the bowl you made. The amount of seeds will vary based on the size of your bomb, but in general, the bomb is meant to contain a good number of seeds. 

Adding a bit of compost or soil into the middle of your bomb can be helpful for encouraging a quicker germination, and faster break down of the clay, but is not necessary.

Step 3

Bring the sides of the clay inward, enclosing the seeds and pinching the clay together. From here, you can mold the clay into any shape you’d like! If you’d like to be creative with decorating, use water to stick dried flower petals onto the clay.

Step 4

Allow your seed bombs to dry and then disperse! 

Fall and Winter are great seasons to make seed bombs with wildflowers because many of those types germinate better with a period of cold temperatures. Dispersing them now still gives them time to sit in the cold temperatures and get ready for this growing season! 

We’d love to see your creativity blossom making seed bombs. Tag us in your photos and let us know what kinds of flowers you’re using! 

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