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Fiddle Leaf Fig Care

If there’s one plant that’s become a popular statement in a room, it's the fiddle leaf fig - and for good reason. Its large, dark, glossy leaves exude beauty in a bold but humble way. Along with popularity, it’s earned a reputation for being difficult and bringing home such a sometimes sizable plant can seem daunting. Nevertheless, having some background knowledge on its needs can help make caring for it easier and less challenging.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Care:

  • Light - Always a crucial element in caring for any plant, light is also incredibly important for a fiddle leaf. Too much direct light can burn its leaves, but too little light means the plant won't be able to sustain itself for the long-term. Very bright, indirect light is best.

  • Temperature - the fiddle leaf fig is part of the Ficus genus, which thrives in warmer temperatures and hates cold, drafty spaces. Keep it happy in a room that stays steady between 65-80 degrees away from vents and outside doorways.

  • Space - It's definitely a plant that makes a statement. The fiddle leaf can grow up to 10 feet tall! Keep its height and size in mind when picking out a spot for it.

  • Water - When the top 2 inches of soil dries out, it is ready for more water. Just be careful not to overwater as the fiddle leaf doesn’t like sitting with wet feet!

  • Other tips

    • Rotate your fig every so often to allow even growth on all sides of your plant.

    • If the leaves start getting too dusty, just gently wipe them off with a damp cloth.

    • The fiddle leaf is one of those plants that don't like to move around. Too much disturbance can stress it out. So, once you find the perfect spot for your fiddle leaf, let it stay there for a while.

    • Be patient! Learning how to care for new plants often means trial and error, but don’t let this keep you from trying something new!

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