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Low Light Plants

One of the challenges of caring for houseplants is making sure the plants are receiving sufficient lighting. In a house that is shaded by large trees or has little windows it can be difficult for some plants to thrive, but not all of them! There are many that tolerate or even thrive in low light conditions. It’s important to remember that at least some indirect light is required for plants to survive, but sometimes this just means moving a plant temporarily into a brighter area of your home for a few days before moving it back to its dimmer home. Here are just a few great options for a low light spot:

Snake Plant - Also called Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, this plant is a great option for low light conditions and a perfect start for beginners. It is drought tolerant and will be perfectly content if it misses a week of watering.

Peace Lily - This one prefers consistent watering, but will tell you when it’s thirsty by drooping if you forget. It grows well in low light and even flowers frequently.

ZZ Plant - the ZZ plant is another great option for beginners as it can handle both low light and infrequent watering. Its glossy leaves are a beautiful addition to any room.

Pothos - If you’re looking for a vining plant to hang in a dim corner of the house, consider a pothos! Pictured as the hanging plant to the left, these plants are easy to care for and propagate.

English Ivy - This one is famous for covering the sides of houses, but can make a great indoor vining plant for low light conditions too.

Rattlesnake Plant - belonging to the Calathea genus, the rattlesnake plant needs a little more light than some of the others listed above but still does well in low light. Its leaves also fold upward in the evening and relax outward during the day.

Ponytail Palm- Perhaps you need a funky plant to add some personality to a room and a pet friendly option! While it loves bright, indirect light, the ponytail palm can handle periods of time in low light conditions. It's also great at storing water, so watch over watering this one!

Kangaroo Fern- This fern friend is cute and spunky and would thrive in a place with a little more indirect light than some of the plants listed above. If you don't like its fuzzy rhizomes that grow out, you can always pop the pot into a larger decorative container and tuck them in out of sight!

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