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Summer is here and so are the blooms!

This week brought on a new wave of beautiful summer flowers and we are so excited to share them with you. With a resurgence in the desire for dried flowers, we are growing lots of varieties that dry well this season. These flowers can be enjoyed fresh first, followed by hanging upside down to dry for continued enjoyment in the home.

At market tomorrow we are featuring several varieties perfect for drying. Lavender is in full bloom this week and we are delighted to offer fresh lavender bunches. Lavender is something I have always wanted to grow more of but it can be finicky and doesn't always survive our Ohio winters. We are growing a variety called Phenomenal which is supposed to hardy down to zone 5. We are located in zone 6a so fingers crossed these plants will continue to do well for us for future seasons to come.

In addition to lavender we will also have Nigella bunches or Love in a Mist one of my favorite blue flower blooms. While the flowers are pretty and very vibrant these flowers also leave behind some really neat seed pods after their petals fall off. I love the look of the seed pods and think they are a perfect addition to add into my other dried flower arrangements.

Statice is another great dried flower and it holds it's color really well. We will have some fresh as well as dried statice bunches available at market.

We also grew our first successful crop of larkspur this season and I am in love. These bright pink, dark purple, and lavender spike blooms are wonderful by themselves or pair well nicely with others in an arrangement. They too can be hung to dry after enjoyment.

We are really looking forward to the coming weeks as more summer flowers arrive and we look forward to seeing you at market.

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