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Tips for Growing Ranunculus & Anemones at home

With so much interest growing ranunculus and anemones at home, we want to help! These are definitely two of our favorite flowers to grow here on the farm and we’re excited to share our tips with you to add these beautiful flowers to your garden and home. Be sure to read all the way through, as timing is dependent on your choice of planting method!

  1. Soak ranunculus corms for 3-4 hours & anemones for 6-8 hours in cool running water until corms expand.

  2. Let corms air dry for 10-15 minutes following the soaking.

  3. Option 1: Plant directly into small pots (2-4”) and keep pots moist but not overly wet until leaves emerge. We recommend pre-sprouting in February. Option 2: Plant directly outside following corm-soaking in mid-March.

  4. Pots can be kept indoors until leaves emerge or outside if above freezing.

  5. Allow for plants to receive ample sunlight after leaf emergence.

  6. Repot or plant into the landscape after roots are well developed.

  7. Plant or place pots in a sunny location - 6+ hours of sunlight per day.

  8. You can fertilize once weekly with Miracle Grow or Fertilizer of your choice. Fertilizer is no longer needed once flower shoots emerge.

  9. Ranunculus & anemones grow best in cool weather (40-70 degrees) for the longest bloom time.

  10. For longest vase life, pick ranunculus as soon as the outside petals loosen and anemones when the bloom is slightly separated from the leaf collar. For February planted corms, expect flowers from the end of May to beginning of June. Enjoy!

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