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What are Yellow Sticky Cards?

If you’ve been by the Tracey Rae Flower Shop lately, you may have noticed a stack of yellow sticky cards sitting by the register. However, what exactly are these cards and how do they work?

Sometimes plants are susceptible to pests, which can feed on their roots or leaves and burrow into their soil. Some examples of indoor pests include mealybugs, fungus gnats, and spider mites. These insects usually appear when a plant is unhappy, but can also be introduced through other plants nearby. The first line of defense is making sure a plant’s needs are met. The healthier the houseplant, the better equipped it is to fight off these pests!

Inserting yellow sticky cards into your plant friend’s pot is a great way to monitor for pests, particularly fungus gnats that fly around near the surface of the soil. Especially if you notice a plant’s behavior changing (yellowing leaves, stunted growth, etc.), the cards can be one way to check for and trap insects. Insects are often attracted to the color yellow, so they’ll fly right into the sticky trap, helping you figure out if you have an insect issue and how to treat and care for your plant accordingly.

Next time you’re at the pharmacy, look for the stack of these cards by the register! They are offered complimentary with a purchase of a houseplant or available for sale on their own. We hope these cards will help you keep your plants happy and healthy!

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